Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Can Staff be trained in DEMENTIA ?

Yes. Aspects of Dementia, in the forms that researchers have identified and case studies have brought to light offer techniques to help both caregivers and families cope and deal with dementia. Research and videos are available at www.alzstore.com as well as www.mindinmemorycare.com . College lectures are available in part on YouTube and can be a great resource to gaining a better and more comprehensive idea of how to strive for quality of life in communication with patients of dementia. Never forgetting that the dignity of the resident or patient is of the utmost priority. Arizona Skyline Assisted Living Home, LLC is striving everyday to provide quality life and senior excellence in their services to an active adult population in Cochise County. A member of the National Council of Dementia Practitioners, Cindy Keith, can be contacted at keithc@mindinmemorycare.com for more resources on dementia. John Hurbon, Arizona Certified Assisted Living Facility Manager can be contacted at azskyline311@gmail.com for aspects of better trained staff and it's benefits.